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If you have damaged your American RV then RV Bodyworks are here to help.

Due to the problems a lot of American motorhome manufacturers have has with insolvency, a lot of body parts are unavailable from them. This is where RV Bodyworks come into their own as they will make you the parts which are not available, ranging from side locker frames and doors to wheel arches and side panels.

RV Bodyworks have built their reputation on repairing American RVs, not only to a very high standard to meet the customer and insurance requirements, but also to meet the team’s satisfaction.

RV Bodyworks also take care of the parts of the repair which you cannot see, for example putting a better grade of insulation between the panels than was previously there, using Marine Ply where Oriental Strand Board (OSB) used to be (Marine Ply is waterproof and OSB is not).

If your RV has had a panel damaged which has graphics on it most of our competitors would solve this by printing new graphics on venial in the UK (originals are usually unavailable). The problem with this is that the venial colours the Americans use are massively different to those of the European venial. Here is where RV Bodyworks can help. They will match each individual venial colour and paint the graphics onto the vehicle, achieving an excellent colour match and preserving the vehicle longer.

Further more, many RV body specialists are forced to resort to less-expensive off-brand parts and paint in order to meet insurance cost requirements. We use only manufacturer-approved products, including paint and parts.

A lot of accidental damage can include windscreens and awnings which are large, heavy items. RV Bodyworks will import them from the States as they import parts on a very frequent basis. If you have been unfortunate enough to have an accident, give us a call and we will do our utmost to help you.

NB: RV Bodyworks cannot carry out an estimate from photographs.

Our Services Include

  • Assessment
  • Strip and Fit
  • Panelwork Repair
  • Bodywork Rebuilds
  • Windscreen repair
  • Respray

So when your RV or motorhome has suffered accidental damage or has just had a bump on the road. Give RV Bodyworks a call on 01604 861999

For more information about servicing Call us now on +44 (0)1604 861 999