Accident Damage Case Study

If you are unfortunate enough to have an accident then you need to know that your chosen repairer is up to the job. In the case of American Motorhomes your insurer may tell you to go to their designated repairer.

Accident Picture1

In this picture you can see that the outer fibreglass skin has been ripped off, leaving only the wood below. A new panel had to be fabricated and then fitted.

Accident Picture2

Here is the panel refitted and ready to be sprayed.

Accident Picture3

In this picture you can see that the accident has damaged the locker doors, which has to be removed and used as a pattern, as the original locker doors were unavailable, but could be handmade. The panel from the wheel arch to the entrance door frame was also cut from the original, as well as the aluminium frame which is not visible in this picture as it supports the outer panel.

Accident Picture4

Here you can see the finished job – the lockers have been replaced and a new panel made from the door frame to the wheel arch. You can see a capping which runs along the bottom of the panel, which also had to be fabricated by LAS as, again, the original part was not made anymore. The panel has been thoroughly painted, complete with the decals.

LAS aim to repair your American Motorhome to at least its original standard, and wherever possible, to better condition than before the accident.