Can anyone help?

LAS were asked to have a look at a Windsport Motorhome which had a suspected fault with the windscreens. The vehicles windscreens had been refitted several times due to them coming out at the top and bottom of the aperture.

LAS inspected the vehicle and decided to remove the windscreens and in doing so found the middle screen support broken. Why?

On further inspection the left hand front panel below the driver’s window had not been attached to the rave rail correctly under manufacture. This led to the dash board to the left hand front panel anchorage braking.

All the above was rectified and LAS thought they were home and dry, they tested the rigidity without the screens and still it was far too flexible. The final decision was to build a steel frame and attach it to the aluminium frame to give it the body its required rigidity. This was done, retested and worked.

What LAS would like to know is, is this a one off Friday afternoon job, or have Windsport Motorhomes got a real problem?

If you have experienced a similar problem with your Motorhome, please give John a call at LAS Motorhomes on 01604 861999.