Re Carpet or something different?

American Motorhome manufacturers do actually fit good quality carpets, although as time goes by LAS Motorhomes are asked more and more about fitting new carpets.

When an RV is being built, the carpets are laid out quite early in the production, allowing the furniture to be fitted over the carpets. The problem then arises because the furniture is not removed again. If you lay one carpet over another it looks a mess, alternatively if you remove the old carpet the new one does not fit against the furniture properly, and moves showing a gap along the furniture line.  I haven’t seen a good job made of one yet.

One answer for the rear engine RVs is to remove the carpet and lay a wooden floor.  The job is not as easy as you may think, as you need to level the floor first, and then make allowances for a slide out running along the floor.  If you neglect the fact that the slide out rollers will create an inward force which will then try to push the floor upwards, the job will fail.  However, if done correctly it can look absolutely stunning.

The front engine ‘A’ class RVs can be a little more demanding, to make it look good you need to replace the carpet around the driving and passenger areas, then re carpet the engine access.

I have seen the drivers and passenger areas done in wood, which in my opinion tends to give the motorhome a cold feel to it.








Here you can see the start of the work.  The old carpet has been removed and the wood floor is starting to be laid.

Here you can see the steps after the carpet has been removed.

In this picture you can see the steps when they are finished.

Here you can see the finished job.

If you require any more information on flooring do not hesitate to contact LAS Motorhomes on 01604 861999.