Restoration Case Study

Asking someone to restore your pride and joy can be a bit nerve racking to say the least. Are they up to the job? Will they complete it how I want it and in time? The list goes on. Here are a few examples of the work that RV Bodyworks have undertaken and can say they are proud with the final result.

Renovation Picture 1

Here you can see the old wooden floor has broken away due to a water leak in an ice maker.

Renovation Picture 2

In this picture you can see the water feed pipes to the ice maker which caused all the damage. The offending ice maker and pipes were utterly stripped out and a drinks cabinet was made to replace it. The wooden floor has been removed and is ready to have the underfloor laid.

Renovation Picture 3

The underfloor has now been laid and is ready for the final wooden flooring.

Renovation Picture 4

As can be seen, the floor has now been completely laid and the furniture refitted. This represents quite a transformation that RV Bodyworks are exceptionally proud of.