restoration restoration

RV Bodyworks have the equipment and skills to restore your classic motorhome to its original glory. Whether it is a classic Airstream or a GMC or a newer model with a floor problem, the team at RV Bodyworks can help.

Restoration does not have to be a huge project; it might be that you just need a cabinet restoring or the bedroom refurbished.

RV Bodyworks can repaint your American RV in a new colour, revert back to the original colours or, in the case of the vehicle below, take 20 year old aluminium and polish it to the condition in the picture.

Restoration can also mean change – the Airstream in the picture originally had the aluminium lacquered, but the owner decided to remove the lacquer and polish the vehicle. As well as this, the vehicle was painted in a maroon colour with maroon pin stripe awnings, but it has now been transformed into an Airstream blue colour, with blue pin stripe awnings.

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