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American RVs are built in America, which we are all aware of, but it is often forgotten that American measurements are still calculated in Imperial units (that is to say feet and inches) whereas we use a Metric system (metres and centimetres). Needless to say, this can become difficult when finding the right parts for the job. Fortunately, some of our metric measurements translate fairly well into imperial units, such as 500mm is around 19”/16”, 10mm is around 3 + 29/32”, but the process does not work as well in reverse as we have no equivalent for 3/8”.

A good example of this mismatch is particularly noticeable when dealing with American Motorhome windows and windscreens. The thickness of the glass used to make the flat glass windows is not the same size as the glass which we use; it is thinner, making the glass loose in the frame. When replacing a double glazed unit you will find that the glass is too tight in the frame, especially in sliding windows which become very difficult to operate.

If you break a windscreen or window(s), contact us with the sizes and RV Bodyworks will help you out.